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Q I want to connect to my company's network from home, should I take some security precautions?
A Yes. Information is a key asset you should protect, whether it is company secrets or your personal data. Your company probably has a policy regarding security when you are telecommuting or communicating while on the road. Check with your network administrator to determine your company's requirements. If you're connecting to the office via the Internet, you should use a firewall with Virtual Private Networking (VPN) capabilities to protect you and your company. While the VPN solutions used by many companies, specifically those using the IPSEC protocol, will work with B2X network, troubleshooting and support are not offered. For assistance on setting up or troubleshooting a VPN, please contact your network administrator or the vendor of the particular software that you are using.
Our system simply connects to your network...period.

You don't need routers, converters or other equipment on your site.
Our customers are delighted when they find out how easy it is to use and will never go back to the old ways. When we say cost effective we mean very cost effective. Our system is a fraction of the cost of many high speed connections.

  Before calling take a second and review the Technical Support section for self help, thank you.

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