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Q Since the Canopy product is based on line-of-sight technology, have you encountered significant interference issues?
A Since Canopy systems were always intended to operate in an unlicensed band, they were designed from the start to work in interference-riddled environments. In fact, one of the unique characteristics of Canopy systems is their ability to tolerate interference from other sources. The Canopy technology, unlike many of its competitors, does not cause interference upon other components in a Canopy system because of its low carrier to interference ratio of two to three decibels. For example, in order for a signal to interfere with a Canopy signal, it must be at least 50 percent of the strength of the intended Canopy signal to interfere with the throughput of the Canopy system. Some competing wireless technology signals need to be 16 times stronger than the external interference to operate well.
Our system simply connects to your network...period.

You don't need routers, converters or other equipment on your site.
Our customers are delighted when they find out how easy it is to use and will never go back to the old ways. When we say cost effective we mean very cost effective. Our system is a fraction of the cost of many high speed connections.

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